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Homeopathic Bothrops Snake preparation neutralizes SnakePeptide in Spike

Bothrops Lanceolatus for the Prevention of Adverse Effects from Covid-19 Vaccination

Dr. Egidio Galli shares his repertorization of the major side effects of covid-19 and the homeopathic remedy which emerged from that to prevent those side effects. He also reports on his experience using the remedy prophylactically.

A problem which is becoming evident in the current vaccine campaigns being promoted to limit Covid-19 and the spread of SARS-Cov-2 is the prevention of adverse effects from these vaccines. During a worldwide pandemic, the vaccination of hundreds of millions of people with vaccines which have been produced in emergency conditions, with much shorter-than-usual trial periods, means that side effects, some of them new and unexpected, are discovered along the way.

Most side effects are temporary and not severe. However, more serious problems, in rare cases even fatal, are possible; for example, thromboembolic complications and DIC. Recently, the extremely serious vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) has been noted, with a clear relation to viral vector vaccines.

At the moment the risk of this reaction cannot be predicted and often cannot be detected even after a thorough investigation into patients’ medical history and after the usual preventive examinations which take into account an individual’s personal characteristics and predisposition for disease.

We also have to take into account the use of vaccines produced by using new technologies with limited testing. Currently approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) are the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna (soon also CureVac) mRNA vaccines, and the Astrazeneca (or Vaxzevria) and Janssen/Johnson&Johnson (soon also the Russian Sputnik V) vaccines based on genetically modified adenovirus vectors.

There is sufficient knowledge of the short-term side effects of these vaccines but it is too early to know much about the medium- and long-term effects. This study begins with the collection of side effects which have been declared and confirmed in the official regulatory agency registration documents and in the information leaflets attached to the informed consent forms.

I have also been able to personally verify many of the symptoms in my practice, not only as a homeopath but also as a doctor for the National Social Security Institute (INPS) and, in the last few months, being involved in taking patients’ medical history before having their first and second doses of the vaccines in a large vaccination hub. In this way I have been able to assess several thousand people.

Common and unimportant symptoms related to the injection site have been excluded. The more serious and undesirable symptoms have been considered, these being the most important to prevent. Almost all of the reactions to the four vaccines mentioned above have been considered, vaccines which are similar to each other as, although they use different technologies, they all have the objective of inducing the synthesis of the viral spike protein.

The 28 symptoms considered and used for the homeopathic repertorisation in Radaropus with Synthesis Treasure Edition are: idiopathic thrombocytopenia – thrombosis – stupor confusion – irregular heart palpitations – wheezing breath – difficult breathing – swelling of the face – nausea – weakness – joint pain – sleepiness – dizziness – swollen glands – fever general heat – profuse sweating – purpura – chills in general – general paralysis – bleeding – metrorrhagia – apoplexy – facial paralysis – one sided paralysis – swollen extremities – chest pain – blurred vision – bruising – diarrhoea.

As well as the symptoms mentioned in the vaccine information leaflets, I have included thrombosis, apoplexy, bleeding and idiopathic thrombocytopenia as these are rare confirmed complications. I have also included the symptom ‘metrorrhagia’ as I have personally observed at least 5 serious cases clearly related to vaccination as reported by the patients.

For the same reason I have also added the symptoms ‘facial paralysis’ and ‘one-sided paralysis’, because of some reported cases and because in the Synthesis repertory the symptom ‘Bell’s palsy’, a noted reaction to mRNA vaccines, does not include the remedy Bothrops lanceolatus, whereas in Marim’s proving of Bothrops 50MC ‘continuous flow’ these symptoms are reported.

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The symptoms ‘abdominal pain’ and ‘persistent severe headache’, adverse reactions present in case histories, do not include this remedy in the repertory either, whereas symptoms of this kind are reported repeatedly in the above-mentioned proving.

Viral vector vaccines are the vaccines most likely to cause more frequent and more serious adverse reactions, at least in the short term. In particular, in all countries there have been very rare but often fatal cases of thrombocytopenia together with cerebral, mesenteric, jugular or splanchnic venous thrombosis, often developing into DIC, and in particular in females under the age of 60 the above-mentioned VITT.

In these cases there is an autoimmune reaction towards factor 4 platelet activation factor (PF4), similar to heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. The thromboembolic cascade and the consequent DIC do not respond to heparin, which is contraindicated in this case.

Unfortunately, for every adverse reaction serious enough to be reported in the news, there are many unreported, less serious but of clinical importance and identifiable from the changes in coagulation parameters, in particular fibrinogen and D-dimer, tested after vaccination.

A certain number of individuals may develop anti-PF4 autoantibodies to a degree not high enough to cause obvious or serious thrombosis. There is however a risk that after the second dose, for example after 12 weeks for the AstraZeneca vaccine, the autoimmune reaction may be amplified, with unforeseeable consequences. Several government health bodies are in fact taking action towards avoiding the second dose of the viral vector vaccine, a confirmation that there is a real risk. Classical homeopaths have always given remedies to their patients at times of vaccination, to minimise potential adverse reactions, both acute and chronic, to the vaccine. This preventive measure is particularly important in the current vaccination campaign which involves several million people worldwide, with consequences proportional to the uptake.

The main iatrogenic symptoms related to the aforementioned vaccines being distributed in Europe have all been taken into consideration, except for simple pain at the injection site. In this way, it is possible to carry out a repertorisation and extrapolate the remedies which best cover all these symptoms and therefore can prevent and treat the main adverse reactions, from the least to the most serious.

It must be noted that these symptoms are not accompanied by modalities, something which is normally so useful in homeopathy when identifying the remedy. To highlight all the symptoms with the first twenty or more related remedies, the repertorisation has been divided into two halves. One considers the total of the symptoms without degree, the other is limited to the ‘small’ remedies, to limit the bias due to the large difference in extension of pathogenesis between lesser- and well-known remedies.

Bothrops lanceolatus stands out as the remedy which gives the best similarity, not for the patient but for the illness, as it covers all the symptoms reported as adverse reactions, even if the symptoms are often only to the first degree due to the fact that it is a remedy with few provings (only 236 symptoms) and little clinical confirmation.

A repertorisation based only on the number of symptoms, without degree, places the remedy among the first few, while a repertorisation for ‘small’ remedies or small remedies and small rubrics, places it clearly first.

Other scientific observations show a particular indication of the remedy derived from the venom of Bothrops lanceolatus (or jararaca), deducible from important pharmacological analogies.

  • Effectiveness in heparin-resistant thrombosis, such as VITT, autoimmune thrombosis with thrombocythopenia from anti-Covid vaccination. The batroxobin in the venom combines with fibrinogen separately from thrombin, and it is effective in all coagulation problems which, during the coagulation cascade, take place before the transformation of fibrinogen to fibrin. The molecule is not inactivated by heparin or similar anticoagulants.

  • It is the only snake venom that contains the angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, BPP5a (Bradykinin-potentiating peptide); there is a notable biochemical similarity between the enzymes ACE and ACE2, which the BPP5a combines with in the same way as the virus. There is also similarity between the protease serina BjSP of the venom and the type 2 transmembrane protease serina (TMPRS2) which promotes viral absorption on the wall of the type II alveolar epithelial cells.

The ACE2 receptor is also the same point of binding as the spike protein used by Sars-Cov-2 to penetrate human cells, and the spike is also the chosen target of the immune reaction activated by the anti-Covid vaccines.

In Covid-19 ACE2s are reduced (downregulation) and are unable to counterbalance the ACE and its vasoconstrictive and inflammatory effects. The action of ACE2 takes place via the conversion of angiotensin II to angiotensin 1-7 which, via the MAS receptor, promotes the release of vasoactive peptides such as NO, bradykinin and PGE21 with vasodilating, anti-inflammatory and organ-protective effects.

Homeopathic Bothrops therefore could increase the expression of the ACE2 receptor and its beneficial and anti-inflammatory effects, contrast the replication and the cytopathic effect of Sars-Cov-2, and antagonise the platelet activation and the haemocoagulative and vasculitic cascade.

The total coherence of the anatomo-pathological, molecular and clinical similarity of Bothrops lanceolatus with the biological effects of Sars-Cov-2 and the vaccines used to fight it suggests that this is the best remedy not only for treating cases of Covid-19 with thromboembolic complications from multi-organ vasculitis, as demonstrated in another publication, but also for preventing even the most severe adverse reactions to both the mRNA and the GMO viral vector vaccines. It could also be considered in the treatment of the lingering symptoms of ‘long-covid’.

In my personal practice I currently prescribe Bothrops lanceolatus 30CH, 3 granules every evening in the 3 days preceding the vaccination, and for 5 days afterwards, with excellent results for all potential symptoms. Then, when appropriate, I prescribe a dose of Thuja occidentalis, 200K or MK, to rebalance the terrain made sycotic by the vaccine.

The use of the remedy must always be adjusted for constitutional type, personal risk factors, age, disease history, clinical reaction and also for the availability of the remedy, which is difficult to find in Italy.


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For prophalaxis and treatment

30 potency during both prophylaxis and treatment. Repetition was twice daily for five days and repeat same after two weeks in prophylaxis. It was daily twice continuously during treatment phase.

It would seem that snake and scorpion remedies can be very useful for the adverse reactions to the Covid ‘vaccine’. (For vaccine read ‘experimental gene therapy’).

I had a patient who constitutionally had done well on Crotalus horridus 200. After the Covid jab he had severe intestinal bleeding which responded immediately to a repeat of Crot-h 200.

Another patient was helped by Parabuthus transvaalicus 30C and also Naja mossambica 200.

The analogy of injecting poison by vaccination and snake and scorpion venom is obvious.

When the symptoms agree, radioactive remedies such as Plutonium nitricum and Radon have also been useful, according to Jeremy Sherr.

I have successfully used Belladonna and Thuja in treating an active case in 2020. The patient has been tested twice in the hospital and found negative as far as Covid-19 is concerned.

mportant medicine for all of us. I shared it to my Facebook and in my blog in my website: I highly appreciate your hard work in researched and experienced.

There are only landmarks of homoeopathic principles described in the article and the understanding of the so called “vaccines” is very peripherally. In both medical disciplines there’s a lack of a deeper understanding. Homoeopathy is a medical discipline that is working in line with the natural laws, in the words of the founder of homoeopathy Dr Hahnemann, to restore the old order of god. This way of prescriping medicine is based on the totality of symptoms, understanding the hierarchical function of each organ. The author of the above article seems to be a materialistic practitioner focusing on localised events. The way he works is dangerous and could cause harm for generations. The author’s understanding of the novice “vaccines” is missing the point that they are for the most part no vaccines but gene therapies. The hijacking of the human genome is the essential outcome, thrombotic reactions are merely a small symptom of this event. The two medical disciplines do not go hand in hand, especially not in the way described where the allopathic approach robs the patient of his/her essential humanity and the homoeopathic approach aims at the restoration of some divine order. Homoeopathy uses a similar (homoeos) suffering (pathos) to assist the individual life force to overcome an impasse on a dynamic level. Its prescription is individualised not of the shelf the same for everyone. That may be the case when we have all become transhuman but to this day we remain individuals with individual reactions to pathogenic influences deserving an individually tailored remedy.

Dear David, Snake and scorpion remedies can be very useful for the adverse reactions to vaccine, but also fish poisons may help. I have given trachinus before and after the injection, I thought I had given vipera berus, it worked. I looked at the MM written by Clarke, gave trachinus 200 to other patiens saying to take it before and after the injection and all of them did well.

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