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Long covid and vaccine SPIKOPATHY important information

Spike Protein is what causes COVID It binds aggressively to ACE2 and now we know it likely binds also to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs), which is why people lose their sense of smell just like a symptom of contact with some snake venoms. This is part of the 'snake venom / "watch the water" Bryan Ardis documentary hypothesis that is actually true. Molecular modeling revealed that the SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein might bind to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) through a cryptic epitope homologous to snake toxins, substrates well documented and known for their affinity to the nAChRs.

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Because of binding to ACE2, it causes blood cells which have ACE2 receptors to bind to themselves (ie: form clots) and then further bind to epithelial cells--which also contain ACE2--that line the capillaries and arteries in the body; very similar to hook and loop (velcro) fasteners. Autopsies confirm now that people who have had the experimental shot are showing meter long clots being pulled like crazy string out of corpses. That is not good. Clearly that's the reason for death. That crazy string gets caught in the heart, and the BAM it's like a weed eater grabbing a steel wire like kudzu vine, it grinds to a halt. Fibrinolytic enzymes

  • Anistreplase

  • Desmoteplase

  • Streptokinase

  • Nattokinase

  • Lumbrokinase

  • Serrapeptase

  • Papain

  • DNase

  • Bromelain

  • Honokiol

The study has shown that spike glycoprotein from SARS-CoV-2 can bind to the blood coagulation factor fibrinogen and induce structurally abnormal, rougher, and more dense blood clots with better proinflammatory activity. Fibrin polymerization was also increased, as evidenced by the incubation of spike glycoprotein with healthy donor plasma. Fibronlytic enzymes activate plasminogen, which target fibrin in traditional clots. In the case of spike protein, you're going to have an abnormal, possibly non-fibrin or quasi-fibrinlike clot. As state above, the spike protein can bind to fibrinogen and form a clot that can be dissolved by fibrinolytics similarly as clots formed in the absence of spikeprotein.

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Detoxify the Spike protein

Disclaimer: the above is nutritional advice, not medical advice. It's for educational and research purposes only. Its not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. 58 comments share save hide report block hide child comments

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15ghost_of_aswartz [S] 4 days ago +15 / -0 Nattokinase is the best thing in the fibrinolytic group, after that Serrapeptase and Lumbrokinase low dose aspirin every 3-4 days. every day may be harmful, esp to those with GI issues quercetin, egcg and zinc already also help detoxify spiek protein and are part of the zinc ionophore stack, so just take that once or twice a week baicalin is hard to find, but it's also called 'chinese skullcap' and it is a great herb for many reasons. one it is anti-viral and stops covid in vitro, and also anti-hiv and other viruses again, nutritional advice.

'mineral day of the week' chart to maximize absorption without causing deficiencies, so this is what I do now

  • SUN -- Colloidal Gold, Magnesium

  • MON -- Selenium, silver -- moon / lunes

  • TUES -- Iron (rarely needed) -- mars / martes

  • WED -- Zinc, potassium -- mercury / miercoles

  • THUR -- Boron -- jupiter / thor's day - mjolnir superconductive steel ie: carbon, iron, boron, ?? other mithril

  • FRI -- copper, phosphorus (rarely needed) -- venus / viernes - veneris - venus / phosphoros / lucifer / morning star

  • SAT -- sulphur (NAC, MSM) -- saturn / saturn's day -- cronus / chronos / death

* adding SELENIUM to your regimen, and consider a multi mineral liquid supplement that gets all the trace minerals

And yes the days of week / minerals are based on astrotheology/astrology and alchemy. dumb, maybe, but keeps the minerals spaced out

dandelion leaf extract to block spike from attaching to Ace2 receptor prevents spikes from entering cell and taking over RNA and churning out spikes

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